ANTM Ep 2 - Our Interview With This Week's Eliminated Model

ANTM Ep 2 - Our Interview With This Week's Eliminated Model

This post contains spoilers. 

Last night, Maggie Keating was eliminated from America's Next Top Model. The 20 year old from Surrey, Maine became the first to leave Cycle 24, after struggling with her runway walk and a pregnant photoshoot (read our Top 10 Moments of Episode 2 here). We asked her about her time on ANTM, plus which classic photo shoot she would have loved to do, and what's next for the model.


1)  If you could coin one ANTM-ism of your own (like Fierce, Smize, Booty-Tooch, Dreckitude, Pot Ledom, etc.), what would it be?

“What's Good.”

2) Which classic ANTM shoot would you love to have done?

I would have loved to have done the shoot from Cycle 6 when they posed with elephants! That's an iconic moment right there for sure, and just a crazy opportunity in itself.

3) Who's your dream fashion client?

My dream fashion client since I was a young girl has always been Dior, but currently it's a close tossup between Dior or Off-White.

4) What is one thing you learned about yourself during this process?

One major thing I learned during this process is to not get so wrapped up in my own head about how others are perceiving me and my personality. I went into the competition knowing who I was and being very confident in that. While filming I let the judges try to put a personality/character onto me that truly was not me, and it broke me down a bit making me over think myself. Going through this process with them and having to defend and speak up for myself and my brand made me realize, I know who I am really am and what I stand for, and it definitely wasn't what they were trying to make me out to be. At the end of the day all that matters is that you're happy with yourself and the person you are becoming, and what you are positively contributing to the world. I get to be my own validation. 

5) What's next for you?

For me, what's next is truly amazing and I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing creative people around me. I will be traveling all over the world starting in February to use my platform as a social media influencer and model photographer to raise awareness for many charities, as well as creating content to showcase all these magnificent places with a super talented group of individuals. We will be in Hawaii, South Africa, Japan, all over Europe, and many other places all the way through July! So stayed tuned on my Instagram @maggiekeating to follow and be a part of my journey! While traveling, I will also be modeling and photographing as much as possible in LA and New York.

*Images courtesy of VH1

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