How to Rock Your Social Life When You’re on a Diet

How to Rock Your Social Life When You’re on a Diet

Dieting is a hot new trend, so you may as well try it, right? Well, not so fast, because it can make your social life (your third most important life, right after work and love) sort of challenging.

We all know how fun it is to tuck into a basket of chicken fingers with the crew, or split a trough of nachos with the gang, but how can you join in when you’re trying to lose a few pounds? It’s easy if you know these quick tips and tricks!

Portion control

Order what you normally would, but try this clever hack: for every bite you take, throw another bite over your shoulder. Just open your mouth and turn to the side, and your friends won’t know the difference. Plus you’ll reduce your calorie consumption by a whooping 50%!

Order off menu

Sure, you may be going to the local sports bar, but feel free to order a plate of wild-caught Atlantic cod on a bed of microgreens. The chef will relish the challenge!

Keep your mouth busy

Instead of eating, why not talk about your diet throughout dinner? It’ll give those eating a chance to eat without worrying about keeping the conversation going, and you’ll be giving them some food for thought (pun intended!) while they munch.

Water is your friend

Make sure to drink lots of water at dinner. Not only will it keep you full longer, it will also keep you damp. If someone asks you to split the bill when all you’ve had is water, quickly dump a bucket of water on your head. Your friends will be so worried about you drowning that they’ll forget all about asking you to pay for their calorie-laden meals!

Use a smaller plate

Psychologists agree that small plates help with portion control and may lead to weight loss. Make sure to carry a small plate with you wherever you go, because plates are notoriously low in calories, so you’ll always have a guilt-free snack on hand!

Lose the weight

If all else fails, just ditch your friends! They’re dead weight anyway.

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