My Favorite Money-Saving Life Hacks

My Favorite Money-Saving Life Hacks

I love researching life hacks to make my life easier, save money, and also so I can write articles like this and you’ll think I’m some sort of genius. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite hacks to save money. Some of them I thought of myself because I’m frugal AF, and others I’ve found by falling deep into internet rabbit holes after midnight.

Let’s get hacking:

Don’t go to the grocery store hungry

There’s science behind this. You’re less likely to buy shit you don’t need if you go on a full stomach.

Buy generic whenever possible (compare labels first though)

For thousands of everyday household products, if the labels show the same ingredients in both the generic and brand names, then there’s literally no reason not to buy the generic version and save yourself some cash.

Turn off the lights

You will save money on your utility bills and you’ll be doing your part to conserve energy. Save a watt, save a lot.

Start a piggy bank

Collect change in a piggy bank! I’ve saved hundreds by making sure I put all my change into a piggy bank. This was a good idea as a child, and it’s a good idea as an adult.

Don’t ever buy extended warranties

They are generally worthless and are only good for the salesperson’s commission checks.

Buy cars at the end of the month (the sales people will cut deals to make their monthly quotas) - Sales people work on quotas, so you’re more likely to have the upper hand in negotiation when they are feeling pressed for a sale at the end of the month. I can’t guarantee it, but I bet this trick works in others types of sales situations as well.

Pay with cash instead of credit

You’ll end up spending less. I swear it. Also, there are all kinds of studies on how operating on a cash-only system will help your frugality.

Drink more water

The more water you consume, the better your health will be, and the less likely you are to spend money on other types of beverages.

Brew your coffee at home

Lattes are freaking expensive. Treat them like a luxury expenditure. Make your coffee at home and you’ll save hundreds throughout the year.

Sell Your Old Clothes

If your clothes are lightly used and you’re strapped for cash, get on Ebay and sell!


Try to turn your money saving hacks into a fun game. See how much money you can save. Try it for a month and let me know how it goes!

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