Cutest Interspecies Friendships!

Cutest Interspecies Friendships!

If you're anything like us at The Scold, you love adorable animal friendships!

We scoured the web for the cutest, weirdest, and sweetest, and we're counting down our favorites!

Did we miss one?! Let us know!


Talk about being from different breeds!!! One comes from a long history of pack living, while the other is responsible for the Industrial Revolution! Squeee!



Aw, sweet! These two are inseparable, despite the fact that one was fixed at just 4 months old, while the other has had sex with up to 10 women!  


Can you say.....cute?! This man kidnapped Whiskers from her mother and now plans to imprison her within his home for years! 


*tears up* Is someone chopping onions in here?!?! These two are inseparable, but unfortunately Mom hasn’t told Suzie about her and her best friend's differing lifespans. :(


Dog person or cat person? Neither of her pets are Karen people, unfortunately!



Incredible!!!!! These three have forged a surprisingly deep bond, despite the incredible age difference! Wow!


*All* the feels! This dog is too dumb to know that his bear isn’t real.


Well....this is awkward. This dog is all alone. He doesn't have any friendships to speak of, just a few acquaintances. 

Awwwww! We don't know about you, but our day just got a whole lot brighter!

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