Hey Girl, You Should Start a Business

Hey Girl, You Should Start a Business

Have you ever thought about starting a business? What’s stopping you? Is it fear of failure? Unsure where to begin? Feel like you don’t have the necessary startup capital? What’s really holding you back? Girl, 2017 is the year to take back control and have zero effs left to give!

According to Forbes, women have been starting more businesses than men for the past twenty years, and that’s freaking awesome. I would like to personally encourage you to start a business. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re on the fence about it, I hope you’ll read this and go out and start your ass-kicking entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s why women should start businesses:


Women tend to start more home-based small businesses. Home-based businesses (like mine!) allow a level of flexibility not found in traditional 9-5 office jobs. While it’s good to hold yourself accountable to a routine and work schedule, it’s nice to be able to move working hours when necessary.

I often work between the hours of 8pm-10pm. I’m not sure why I get a second wind during this time, but my best creative ideas and writing always happen a couple hours after dinner. Is there a scientific reason for this? Would love to know. Anyway, I love owning a business where I have the flexibility to get shit done during the time of day where my mind is most productive. I can tell you this, I don’t get much work done between 5pm-6pm because that’s when Ellen’s on.

Also, technology has allowed many entrepreneurs to become location independent. It’s nice to be able to pack up my laptop for a week and hit the road. I’m not always as productive as I need to be when I’m traveling, but there’s something so liberating about not having to ask for vacation time.

The only down side to this level of flexibility is that it’s very difficult to completely “shut off” from work. I rarely go a full day without doing some sort of business-related activity.

Best way to become filthy rich

An article recently came out discussing how the wealthiest people in the world are all entrepreneurs. The message of the article was that you’ll never become filthy rich working for other people. It’s true, you’ve got to forge your own path. If you work for someone else, your earning potential is likely capped. As an entrepreneur, earning potential is limitless. It won’t be easy, but ask Bill Gates if it was worth it.

Lead by example

You want to see real change in the world? Then let it start with you. This past year was a big wake up call for me. I realized I can’t rely on other people to make things happen in my life. I recently read Cheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. It’s a great book for all women, but I was especially inspired by her willingness to lead by example. She’s only one woman, but Sandberg inspired millions with her words and actions. Women tend to minimize their capabilities so as not to appear arrogant. Your confidence is not arrogance, it’s a great example for the other women in your life. If we all thought one person was incapable of creating real change, nothing of significance would ever be accomplished. Don’t limit yourself!

Women are good at it

Women are intuitive. We’re resilient. We’re adaptable. These are perfect traits for entrepreneurship. Yes, these are gross generalizations, but if you possess these traits you’re capable of starting a business. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. My dog is more qualified to start a business than I ever will be.

Where to begin:

Do Some Research

There are so many resources for people looking to start a business. Get info from your local chamber of commerce. Research your potential competition to see how they got started and how they’re now running. Starting a business will require you to leave your comfort zone and become as hungry for knowledge as possible. You don’t have to know everything about starting a business before you start it. It’s okay to learn as you go. It may seem overwhelming, but you’ll survive and you’ll be invigorated and motivated with every new piece of information you digest.

Vision Board Your Ideas

Ok, so I stole this one from my girl Oprah. I have a vision board. It helps me organize the million thoughts in my head and to truly visualize my goals. It helps and you should try it. If you have an idea but aren’t sure how you want to turn it into a tangible product or service, write that shit down. Draw pictures, jot notes, cut out magazine photos, whatever it takes to get it out of your head and onto a vision board where you can build upon your brilliance. Vision boards are a great visual reminder of what you’re working toward.

Talk to People

Go and find people who are already doing what you want to do and talk to them. How did they get started? How did they reach their level of success? Be curious and ask questions. There are so many entrepreneurs willing to give advice and tips, you just have to ask politely.

Be Brave and Jump

At some point you’re going to have to take a leap of faith. No matter how prepared you are, making the decision to start a business is terrifying. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re forced to go back to doing what you’re currently doing? There’s no shame in failing, but there is shame in not trying.

If you fail, that’s okay. There’s lessons to be learned. Hold your head high and be proud you were brave enough to follow your dreams.

So go ahead, girl, start your business.

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