Teen Wolf Recaps: Superposition

Teen Wolf Recaps: Superposition

I know some of you probably watched this on Tuesday when it broadcast, but I can’t watch TV on Tuesday nights because on Tuesdays I get up at 4:30 am, commute to Washington DC, teach four classes, do whatever other stuff I have to do on campus, commute back to Baltimore, eat and put a baby to bed, and by that time it is 8:00 pm and I have to go to sleep immediately because not only am I so tired I’m struggling to form words, I also have to get up again much too soon. On Wednesdays I sleep in until 5, and it is luxuuuuuurious. Then Wednesday I don’t remember why I didn’t watch it, and Thursday, like most of white liberal america, I suffered through Thanksgiving dinner with too many relatives who voted for Trump, drowned my anger and frustration in too much alcohol, and ended up with a headache and a deep reluctance to drag myself out of bed at 5 am on Friday to grade papers. I managed, even if I was lacking my usually early morning joie de vivre--But I felt a bit too weary to stay up recapping that night.

I also, like the rest of america, indulged in a bit of Black Friday shopping, though we did ours on Saturday, which turned out to be a real mistake because apparently on Friday everything in the Salvation Army was 50% off!!!! I am sad I missed that. But not that sad, because I hate crowds. We paid full price, but, you know. Full Salvation Army price. So I bought my kid this North Face hoodie, size 2T, natch!, purple and turquoise, pristine condition:  $3.99. Just think, if we’d gone on Friday, it would have been $2! That extra $2 was worth it, though, to not be in a crowd of Salvation Army Black Friday shoppers. Brrrr. Now, I would never spend the full $60 on this hoodie for my child because if I did she would grow 2 inches and 4 pounds overnight after wearing it once. But at $4, I’m in, and let me tell you, this thing is niiiiiice. If they had had one in my size I’d have bought that one, too. It’s really heavy weight and the fur is super soft. She likes it, I like it, it will keep her ears warm at the playground; we’re all happy. I also paid $.99 for a long-sleeve T-shirt printed with rosebuds, and $.99 for an adult T-shirt with a doberman on it, and this morning I cut that puppy out and stitched him to the rosebud shirt and it is cuuuuuuute. I haven’t had time to make much the past few weeks, and it was very satisfying to slap those two things together and show the baby, who said “woof! Woof!” and touched the dog reverently. It made this mama’s heart grow three sizes. I promise to make you a shirt EVERY DAY, baby!! (i will break this promise tomorrow.)

I made this! Actually, I made pretty much everything you see in this picture, including the human, but not including the shoes.

I made this! Actually, I made pretty much everything you see in this picture, including the human, but not including the shoes.

SO ANYWAY, that was the big holiday, and now it’s Sunday, the baby and her daddy are over at his parents’ house to watch the Ravens game, and I am going to drink a beer and tell you about Teen Wolf.

The cold open has The Wild Hunt racing across the lacrosse field past Scott and Liam, who can’t see them. Scott gives Liam shit about his back shot, which it turns out is amazing; Scott was thinking of Stiles, who was always terrible at lacrosse. But Scott doesn’t know that because he doesn’t remember Stiles anymore. The lights go out but the boys/werewolves light up their werewolf eyes and keep practicing.

Mason and . . . you guys, I caved and looked it up, Mason’s boyfriend/the chimera from last season is named Corey. It is too time consuming to recap if you have to describe all the characters every time because you don't know their names. Knowing everyone's name is new for me! Usually I only know like three characters’ names. So Mason and Corey are at the school at nine o’clock at night making magnetic play-dough for an extra credit physics lab. Everything about that is weird, but okay. Mason doesn’t need the extra credit because he has a 4.9 GPA and has obviously done this lab before, which is also pretty weird. GPAs, extra-credit, and school hours all apparently work really differently than they did when I was in high school. Either that or this show is not 100% accurate! The magnetic play-dough is, like, EXTRA MAGNETIC! It is swallowing everything metal on the table. The lacrosse coach from the first couple seasons is back. I am not nearly as excited about his return as I am about JR Bourne being in the credits. We still have not seen JR Bourne. Coach (I refuse to look up his name) bursts in and is like “why are you in the school doing extra credit at 9 at night? Get out of here and meet some girls.” Corey and Mason are like “we’re gay.”

Mason forgot his phone, and when he goes back in to get it all the lights in the school flick off. The Wild Hunt is coming; I can tell because the clock ticks backwards and there’s wind and whirling leaves and the door bursts open. Given the haywire compass in the first episode, they also have something to do with the EXTRA MAGNETIC play dough. Corey backs up against a locker and goes invisible; while invisible he can see the Hunt. Apparently he can text while invisible? Because when Mason finds his phone there’s a text from Corey saying “don’t move, they’re here.” Mason moves. A lot. He goes into the library where some dude is strangling in the middle of the room, held aloft by invisible hands. Corey grabs Mason and makes him invisible, too. Now everyone but the strangling kid is invisible. I guess Corey and Mason can see the Hunt, but the Hunt can’t see Corey and Mason. They are strangling/lifting the kid with their whips which I guess they have because they ride horses and wear spurs. Probably whips came with the costume. They strangle the kid until he disappears, and then they disappear. They were already invisible, but now they are gone. Aaaaaaaand credits! Hi, JR! I wish you were in this episode instead of Coach!

Out on the lacrosse field, Liam has a premonition that something bad is happening to Mason, because that’s how intense his platonic love for Mason is. He and Scott run to the library where Corey and Mason tell an unconvincing version of what happened where the Wild Hunt wander into the library, hang out for a few minutes, then jet. I assume it’s because they can’t remember the kid who was just taken, but they way they say it it seems more like they are lying. It’s interesting that Scott & the pack can remember the Wild Hunt exists, but not the people who were taken. Has it occurred to them that it’s going to be real fucking difficult to know who’s been taken? What with completely forgetting the person ever existed somewhere between ten minutes and 12 hours or so before they go?

Malia makes him the little spoon and he is taken aback by her aggressive and nontraditional performance of femininity.

Malia is banging some dude I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I am weirdly shocked by this and feel very sad about how unhappy she is through the whole scene. He’s all, “damn, girl!” but then she makes him the little spoon and he is taken aback by her aggressive and nontraditional performance of femininity. This is how coyotes do femininity! He sees chains in her bag and is like “ummm . . . “ Malia may be a wild coyote in the sack but I’m pretty sure this dude is not taking another booty call, because he clearly likes things a bit more heteronormative.

Lydia wakes up from a nightmare, per her mother, but she’s all “BUT I WASN’T ASLEEP.” Lydia wears a lot of eye makeup to bed. Maybe that’s a banshee thing?

Scott is sitting on his bed with his lacrosse stick (?), missing . . .  something. He’s not sure what he misses (It’s Stiles). A photo fell off his cork board; it’s the “candid” from the last episode, but Stiles has been erased from the photo. In case you forgot, Stiles doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t feel bad, everyone is forgetting Stiles these days.

Lydia walks into school and does some weird head rolls. She’s looking around. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to remember Stiles. She’s leaning against his now-empty locker.

There’s a boring lacrosse bit. Apparently Scott has resigned as captain because he has a wolfpack to take care of, evil to fight, and high school to graduate from. Captain of the lacrosse team is kind of one thing too many. I like this, because part of being a TRUE ALPHA is having your priorities in order. Even so, Scott wants Liam to be captain because Liam is his protege and the first wolf he ever turned. He loves Liam! Liam is not making a good impression on Coach. I don’t care about anything that happened in this scene.

Mason and Corey meet up in the library to talk about the Hunt. Not for nothin’ does Mason have a 4.9 GPA because Corey’s like “I think they were holding something” and Mason puts the “you forget people they take” and the “I can’t remember what they were doing” pieces together . . . I mean, he doesn’t put them together THAT fast, but he does finally put them together.

Liam and Scott talk about this whole team captain thing. It’s a metaphor. See, Scott is probably (MAYBE. Based on what I learned from watching Buffy he’ll probably be back with a job as a guidance counselor after, like, two semesters of college, but whatever) going away to college and someone will have to lead the pack and fight the evil. Liam can learn how to be a leader by being a leader of the lacrosse team! Liam is scared because he doesn’t know if everyone will look up to him and love him. Scott tries to explain that he has to lead first and the looking-up-to will come later. Coach comes in and does a bit. Scott and Liam don’t find it any funnier than I do. I have never cared for the lacrosse scenes in this show, but I do appreciate that the show is going back to it in the final season since it was a key character beat for Scott in the first two seasons. And there’s a genuine effort to make lacrosse matter in a town where supernatural evil literally walks the streets. I still don’t ever want to watch another wolf lacrosse game, but I appreciate what Jeff Davis is going for.

Shelley Hennig and Holland Roden are fantastic at being two totally unique beautiful weirdos.

Malia’s highlighting a textbook before class. Classic Malia: she’s just highlighting everything in yellow. She stops suddenly, hesitates, highlights just the word “style” in red, then the rest of the passage in yellow. It’s weird and creepy. Lydia comes in and the teacher hands back a quiz with some commentary about how terrible some of them did. Stiles’ desk is empty. Malia got a D-; Lydia did not get extra credit for coming up with her own alternate equations. Malia goes all claws and teeth of a sudden, Lydia’s like “get it under control girl.” Malia tries. This is my favorite scene of the episode so far. It is scary, and it feels like something is terrible and at stake. Shelley Hennig and Holland Roden are fantastic at being two totally unique beautiful weirdos. Like, they are both beautiful and both weirdos, but in completely different ways on both fronts.

Scott’s freaked out by Stiles’ empty locker. Obviously he doesn’t know why he’s freaked out or that it’s Stiles’ locker.

Lydia and Malia are taking another math quiz. Lydia looks over and a maybe mid-to-late-thirties Asian woman in a lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck is sitting in Stiles’ seat. There is creepy music and it is creepy. The lady is just staring straight ahead. Lydia is all “hey why are you here lady,” and the lady turns to Lydia and her mouth opens in a scream but the scream is creepy music and it is all very scary. Not scary like people-in-a-creepy-house scary, but still. Nicely done. This episode is doing an excellent job of showing everyone aware that things are just a bit off. I just wish Malia hadn’t had to have sex with that random dude in order to show that everything is off-kilter without Stiles.

Lydia chases the lab-coat lady down the school hallway. She bursts through the doors and outside it’s night. She’s reliving when Stiles was taken by the Hunt, but she can’t see Stiles. Malia stops her from running in front of a car and she snaps out of it into daylight. She tells Malia she was trying to remember.

Mason and Corey try to get school records and police records from Lydia’s mom and Parrish. I am happy to see Parrish! Parrish is cranky and has some funny lines. He’s probably cranky because somehow between last season and this season Lydia stopped being into him and fell in love with Stiles. Mason sort of put some pieces together last time we saw him, but he's looking for someone who's been ERASED. Why would there be any records left? You’re going to have to think a bit more outside the box, Mason.

Scott is obsessed with Stiles’ locker. The pretty science teacher catches him and is kind of a dick. I feel like this rando new science teacher is definitely evil.

Mason is trying to talk through what happened with the Hunt with Liam. Liam is suspicious of Corey. THEO. That’s the name of the sociopath factory-built werewolf from last season. Corey is hiding and eavesdropping, which Liam calls him out on. Mason defends him, but then is kind of peeved about it after Liam leaves. Mason wants Corey to get along with the pack. Corey is like “your friends aren’t my friends,” which I kind of appreciate, but I also appreciate Mason saying “that doesn’t work for me.” I like the way you are explaining your needs to each other! I hope that your needs are not incompatible!

Scott goes to Deacon the vet with a shard of blue glass and talks about memory holes. Deacon says the Hunt are drawn to war and mayhem, but he doesn’t know anything about memory tampering. He suggests Scott go to sleep? So he can dream what he can’t remember?

Scott gets ready for bed. There’s scary music box music. There’s a jump cut and he wakes up in the woods.

I <3 this model of compassionate masculinity where boys care about each other and talk about their feelings and what to do to make sure their interpersonal shit doesn’t get in the way of the emotional needs of other boys.

Malia wakes up. She’s in a corner of her bedroom. Aw, she made a little coyote den in the corner. She steps on her chains. She is confused by them. Lydia finds Malia in a storage room, looking for help getting chained up because she’s having trouble staying human. But she can’t figure out who used to chain her up. Scott calls from the woods; the girls go out to pick him up. Scott tells them that he woke up in the place where he was bitten and turned into a werewolf, but his memory of the night makes no sense without Stiles in it. Stiles heard about the dead body on the police scanner and drove them there. Without those things, why would asthmatic Scott randomly wander around the woods five miles from his house looking for a dead body he would have no way of knowing about? It’s a mystery.

Corey and Liam meet up and have a very polite and proactive conversation about trying to get along because they both love Mason. I <3 this model of compassionate masculinity where boys care about each other and talk about their feelings and what to do to make sure their interpersonal shit doesn’t get in the way of the emotional needs of other boys.

Scott, Malia and Lydia are like “I had a best friend!” “I had an anchor who chained me up so I wouldn’t turn into a coyote!” “I was in love with someone I’ve been looking for all day!” Poor Malia. Is there any hope that Malia will end up with Stiles? I know there isn’t but I can’t help it. I mean, sometimes when I lie in bed at night I think “what if the electoral college just votes for Clinton?” I know that it’s not going to happen, but sometimes I imagine it even though it’s painful and depressing to imagine when you know you are stuck in reality.

Corey makes Liam invisible so they can look for traces of the Wild Hunt together. Things look different when you are invisible.

Parrish exposits to Stylinski about the dead guy from the school, who I guess we were supposed to realize was the helium thief from the cold open in the last episode. There’s a lot of handwavium about the helium and medical supplies and therapeutic uses. I’m sure it’s important but I don’t care. Stylinski’s wife is alive. At first he seems as confused as we are. I don’t know if the lady in his office is Stiles’ mom, or some other lady. She brought him a fake dinner and a real dinner. The fake dinner is a kale and quinoa salad, but Stylinski doesn’t know how to pronounce “quinoa”. The real dinner is some kind of sandwich, presumably stuffed with meat and pepperoncini and other manly sheriff-type foods. Stylinski and his wife are very happy together without Stiles in the picture.

While invisible, Corey and Liam can see an ID card in the library. While visible, they cannot. Corey retrieves the card and makes it visible. Corey is going to be a big help this season!

Mason is very excited and has some stuff to say about Schroedinger’s cat. The library card was blank, but when the boys strip it on a computer and see the name “Jake Sullivan” they are able to remember Jake Sullivan.

Liam goes to see the coach to sign up in the running for team captain. In case you were wondering, this is a metaphor.

Lydia does some automatic writing while staring at the windshield shard. The rest of the pack watches. No pressure, Lydia! Just watching you try to access unconscious knowledge. Lydia isn’t bothered, she’s good at going into a trance! She writes like she’s got something way scarier than “Dear Diary, I didn't get any extra credit in math” to get out. When the gang looks, they see she’s written the word “mischief” over and over again, and on the page repeats of the word are clustered in letter-shapes that spell out STILES. As she snaps out of her trance she says “What the hell is this, Stiles?” Just like she would if Stiles was bugging her like he always does. Aww. She remembered!

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? You can find out in like nine hours! But you will have to wait a week for the recap.


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